Real photos

We use authentic 360 photos instead of 3D renders, we call these panoramas. No need for expensive 3D models, making it a reflection of reality

Interactive hotspots

Add hotspots with content or extra information about specific areas in your yacht

Unique VR view

Present your superyacht in a unique Virtual Reality View. Accessible to everyone with a smartphone. Insert your phone in the VR Goggles and step into the experience

Experience your personal preferences

Interactive hotspots

Add hotspots with interactive content to provide information on specific furniture, materials, technology or other notable features of your yacht.

Experience different settings

Impossible in reality, possible in our Virtual Tours; switching from day to night instantly, by simply pressing a button. Your perception of reality will be challenged under the stars.

Adjusting the time of day creates a unique experience from a first person view. The atmosphere and illumination is an essential aspect of your yacht’s interior. The day/night switch is the perfect feature to visualize this.

Monitoring your construction process

Technical Timeline


We create an interactive map of the yacht in different time phases according to the different building phases of the yacht. The panoramas taken in different time phases accurately visualize where the frame, isolation, piping and wiring are.

Yacht Timetraveller

Travel back in time with the Yacht Timetraveler and accurately keep track of the building process. A perfect and unique way to periodically report to the yacht’s owner and show the development.


Galactica Super Nova

A Virtual Tour of Heesen’s latest Superyacht. Presented in Virtual Reality at Heesen’s Press Conference at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016

Royal Huisman

Discover the Royal Huisman in VR with this new tour we’ve created with De Valk Yacht Brokers.

Raptor Superyacht

By building a portable virtual reality solution Ships & Goggles provided the brokers from YPI a new tool to convince potential clients in investing in new-build yachts.

Unique VR view

All our Virtual Tours are available in Virtual Reality for a unique experience. By simply entering the specific URL in your smartphone’s web browser, the Virtual Tour will immediately launch without downloading anything. Place your phone in the VR Goggles and begin your Virtual Experience!

Experience Virtual Reality now!

Directly accessible with your smartphone

Fully responsive

Preview a live demo in fullwidth experience for desktop and smartphone


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